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Our Commitment

AAGD logoDr. Millward is committed to developing a long-term caring relationship with each of his patients. Unfortunately, there are many patients who have visited numerous dentists over the years and experienced less than satisfactory service. Time with the dentist was possibly hurried and impersonal, with no time devoted to their unique situation. Dr. Millward will listen and communicate with you. He  will spend time working to uncover individual problems and concerns and discuss treatment options to help you achieve the optimal results you desire.

Dr. Millward will take the time to get to know you as a unique individual, understanding that your concerns and opinions are essential to providing the level of service you expect. He will perform a comprehensive clinical examination probably much different than the "check-up" you might have received in the past. Additional information may be needed in order for Dr. Millward to study your particular circumstances and conditions. He will then be able to discuss the findings and possibilities, and with your input, determine how best to proceed.

The goal of this experience is to understand your unique circumstances and to learn how to best work with and for you.

Dr. Millward constantly pursue excellence in all facets of dental practice. If you are discriminating about your healthcare, this comprehensive relationship-based approach is both reassuring and satisfying.

Dr. Millward's goal, with your input, is to custom create a biologically acceptable, functionally enduring and aesthetically pleasing long-term result.

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