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“We wanted to express our appreciation to you and your staff. You have a dedication to your patients that is unsurpassed. We especially appreciate the personal touch you and yours offer – knowing our name and family – giving plenty of time for the appointment and not ever doing a ‘rush’ job.

I wish my family doctor of 16 years knew as much and took the time to build a personalized relationship with my family.”
– Tamatha A.

“I wanted to drop you a short note to say that I am wonderfully pleased with the restoration work and the dental care I receive from you and your staff. It's amazing how authentic the restoration looks. You are truly an artist!”
– Phil K.

“I've had the pleasure of being your patient for over 15 years and words cannot describe how happy I have been. Recently, you put porcelain veneers on my front two teeth, replacing the old ones you did over 12 years ago. I was always very happy with your work, and I would have never imagined you could do ‘better,’ but this time, you have outdone yourself! I feel very confident and proud of my new smile! My teeth look so natural – no one would ever know they are veneers. A childhood accident unfortunately left me with two front teeth that had been chipped and discolored due to nerve damage. After spending five years in braces, you can only imagine how important it is to me to make sure my teeth look as perfect as possible. You and your staff have helped to make that a reality for me!

It's comforting to know I have a perfectionist for a dentist and to know that he and his staff truly care about you as a person. I have spent several hours in your office over the past few months, and in the end, it has been more than worth it! Not many people can say they ‘enjoy’ spending that much time in the dentist chair! Thank you all very much for what you have done for me… I can honestly say I will be a patient for life!”
– Becky P.

“Since I had my veneers done back in 1996, I noticed an incredible improvement on my smile. My teeth look healthy again. They look so natural; everyone noticed something different on me but could not tell what.

The veneers gave me the self-confidence to smile again. I really thank Dr. Lang and his staff for a great job.”
– Marta H.

“My friends always ask me, ‘Why do you go to Orlando to see a dentist?’ My response is simple – ‘I completely trust Dr. Lang and his staff.’ (These friends always comment that their crowns and onlays do not feel right.)

With all the dental procedures I have had (since 1991), I'm happy to say my onlays feel perfectly normal, and Dr. Lang and his staff maintain my dental health to prevent any emergencies.”
– Georgiann P.

“Just a short note to tell you how wonderful my newest crown is. I cannot feel any difference between it and my regular teeth (‘which is the way it is supposed to be,’ as you would say).

This crown is as good as the others, which you did for me over the past decade that I have been coming to your office, even though this one was much more involved than any of the other crowns (as you know).

A ‘thank you’ should also go to your staff. They may make your job easier, but mine too, especially with insurance forms or calming the patient – ME!”
– Ben P.

“Please accept our thanks for your exceptional care during our 14 years of residence in Florida. Recently, Paul retired from Siemen Westinghouse Power Corp., and we returned to Pennsylvania to be near our family.

Regrettably, this recent move means we will no longer be able to visit your office, but we do want to express our conviction that you provide the highest level of state-of-the-art dental care. We always had confidence that we were benefiting from the best possible dental techniques.

Your office instills confidence with its spacious, efficient and attractive appearance and the graciousness of your staff made it a pleasure to be your patients.”
– Alice and Paul P.

“While I was growing up, ‘a trip to the dentist’ meant PAIN!

You just completed extensive bridge and crown replacements – hours of work (beautifully done) and, instead of pain, I listened to Mozart, floated on a cloud of nitrous oxide and enjoyed the caring attention of you and your wonderful staff.

Return to ‘the good old days?’ I don't think so!”
– Judy D.

“Simply the best… better than all the rest!

These are my sentiments toward all the work, all the concern, all the care they give to us the patients.

From the office staff to the main man, Dr. Lang, I have experienced the best professional care and the most trustworthy attention to my dental needs. They are a cut above in their belief in patient care and attention. The procedures performed have enhanced my quality of life! Thanks to all – they are simply the best!”

– Barbara V.

“I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with my new bridge, which was installed a couple of weeks ago. The fit and bite are perfect, and it looks great! The whole process was very efficient and painless, only requiring two office visits. As always, your entire staff was pleasant, caring and knowledgeable when asked any questions. A ‘class operation’ all around. Keep up the good work!”
– Barry C.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you and to your wonderful professional staff for the outstanding dental care that your office provides. In my 29 years in the military, I have never experienced dental care as good as the care that you and your staff provide to me routinely. The friendly, but professional and experienced staff makes coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Your thoroughness, personal interest in your patients and specifically in their dental care is refreshing.

It is obvious that you and your staff work hard to remain on the cutting-edge of dentistry. The commitment that you have obviously made to training and education and to maintaining currency as to industry's best practices is very important to me in that this results in your office maintaining the high quality care that I am looking for in a dental office. I am always very impressed with the industry seminars and training that you receive and offer to your staff. This training and education is visible in both the state-of-the-art equipment that you use and with the depth of knowledge of the staff that works with you. I know that I am receiving the best dental care available, anywhere!

It is just a pleasure to work with you and your staff, whether in the dental chair or in the front office. The fact that your work environment is both friendly and relaxing is just icing on the cake in my book. Please pass on my sincere thanks and well done to your fantastic staff of professionals. They are truly the best!

I will, without hesitation, recommend your quality dental services to all of my friends and associates. Thank you!”
– Arthur G., Captain, USN

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been seeing Mrs. Sally F., a previous patient of yours, since April of '97, and to date, the prosthetic treatment that you rendered for her looks and functions superbly. You placed a full upper denture and an implant-supported bar and overdenture on the lower. Everything looks great and is holding up extremely well. She has required no further treatment other than maintenance and replacement of the overdenture attachments. I wanted to compliment you on your fine restorative treatment, and I appreciate the dedication and the extra effort it takes to render such high quality dental care. I feel dentists often do not receive the credit they deserve, so I have decided to acknowledge those dentists whose patients I have seen that have had especially fine treatment, as has Mrs. F. I am certain all of your patients are benefiting tremendously from your extraordinary level of care, skill and judgment.”
– Kevin P. Dougherty, DMD

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